Emotional Support

We can help.

It can be hard to sum up what is included in the emotional support aspect of our work. Every client comes to us with a unique situation, and we do everything we can to provide encouragement, support and a sense of safety for our clients.

Here are a few things that we practice when providing emotional support:


1. Active listening

We don’t just hear you, we validate what you have to say, engage with you, and give you our full attention.


2. Follow-up

After you speak to us, we don’t just disappear. We will check-in with you, ask you how you are doing, and be there when life throws you unexpected curve balls.


3. Confidentiality

Anything you disclose to KARE Victim Services is held in strict confidentiality. We will not share any information that you provide to us, except when required by law in the event that a child is being harmed or neglected.


To learn more about our emotional support services, we encourage you to watch this video:


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